What The Press Said About Romain’s Work

“(…)… sit and listen to the remarkably catchy music on repeat – I promise the jazzy Hauntingham theme is one of the catchiest pieces of video games music ever made.”

“(…) And oh-my-word the music – it all feels like the gel that holds the experience together. There are hints of inspiration from the best of what Rare and Media Molecule have provided us in the past – especially when you listen to the instrumentation of the music – but it has a unique identity all of its own, too.”

“(…) And the game’s absolutely stellar soundtrack is among the greatest I’ve heard from the genre, setting the tone of these spellbinding areas wonderfully while providing a reason to leave the game on in the background all day…”

“(…) The music shines throughout, and I dare you to not have the end level jingle in your head for days after playing the game.”

“More VGM composers need to sit up and pay attention to this Romain Gauthier chap: he’s doing something brilliant, and more games need soundtracks like these to spark our imaginations and build emotional connections with the games we love.”

“The music, too, is just as excellent as the visual style. The soundtrack feels like it’s straight out of a Caribbean album; it’s playful, fun, and never feels repetitive.

“[The soundtrack is] So excellent it deserves its own specific mention. This is the best soundtrack of any iPhone game, period. The electronica mix is pensive, soothing, energetic, mysterious – in short, perfectly matched to the tone of your current soundings. The chiptones for the level “8-Bit”, in particular, will bring a smile to your face. I even found myself, before going to bed, just starting up Edge and listening to its opening-screen music.”

“Romain Gauthier, aka Nino Mojo, did it again, with deliciously retro compositions that will cause your ears to shiver with pleasure” (…) “the game is literally carried by a soundtrack of prodigious effectiveness, which on its own is worth the asked price”

“The music is possibly amongst the best you’ll hear on WiiWare and if the developers would be so kind as to offer it for sale on it’s own we can guarantee at least one purchase will be made (do you take PayPal?). (…) The funky soundtrack for the other solo modes wouldn’t be out of place in a 1970s film and the quality of the recordings included will make you think there’s a CD playing along, it’s really that good.”

“As usual, Romain Gauthier delights us with beautiful compositions in a style that belongs only to him”

“The music in Magnetis is fantastic. Easily one of the best soundtracks of a WiiWare title to date. Even many large retail titles don’t sport tracks as enjoyable and energetic as these.”

“You’re like Jesus, sort of.”

Joanna Gore